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Almstead Tree Company

Servicing New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, Almstead Tree & Shrub Care Company is the Northeast's most trusted name in healthy trees and shrubs. Family owned and operated since 1964, Almstead provides the foremost technical service to residential and commercial clients throughout the northeast.  We invite you to see why at Almstead, we're changing the nature of tree & shrub care.
Address: Poughkeepsie, NY, 12603    
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Almstead Tree Company
You can depend on Almstead Certified Arborists
 to provide timely, courteous and professional service

Almstead Residential Services
Almstead is the most trusted name in healthy trees and shrubs. Our knowledge and expertise has enabled us to provide the highest level of service for almost 40 years. At Almstead, we understand that the trees and shrubs surrounding your home are your personal piece of nature. That’s why we take a natural approach to the care of your surroundings.
Almstead Certified Arborists are tree and shrub health care experts specializing in preventive care methods designed to establish and sustain plant health and vigor. Contact your Almstead Arborist to determine the appropriate program to meet the needs of your trees and shrubs.
Plant Health Care Services
Almstead’s PHC approach to tree and shrub preservation is tailored specifically to your landscape’s plant material. With our PHC Scout program, your trees and shrubs are monitored throughout the growing season and early fall for signs of insect damage, disease and environmental stress. Existing conditions are treated on the spot. Insect populations are kept from growing to unmanageable levels. Diseases are caught in their early stages. Environmental stresses are identified before damage becomes permanent. Beneficial insects (insects that prey on pests) are left undisturbed and the amount of toxins used is vastly reduced.
General Tree Care Services
General Tree Care encompasses a wide variety of services that benefit and preserve the health and beauty of your property.
From Pruning & Shaping to Lightning Protection, each of the services below when combined with a proper Plant Health Care Program are designed to promote the maximum vitality, value and beauty of your landscape.
Horticultural Consulting
Whether you are maintaining an existing landscape or creating a new one,  Almstead Certified Arborists provide a wide variety of Horticultural Consulting Services to assist you.
Our pre & post-construction planning will preserve existing trees by damage caused by soil compaction and equipment damage and other related stresses.
Almstead Certified Arborists can create simple, or detailed, plant inventories and management plans. Evaluations of plants for monetary value also can be provided for insurance purposes or damage appraisals.
Almstead also provides diagnostic services to identify existing plant problems. From soil diagnostics including nutrient and pH analysis to Hazardous Tree Assessments, Almstead Certified Arborists are trained in the very latest techniques using state-of-the-art equipment.
Additional Care
What does Almstead do besides tree & shrub care?
Almstead provides additional services to increase the health and beauty of your landscape. This additional care includes:
Premier Lawn Programs
Mulch Production & Sales
Landscape Installations
Seasonal Ornament & Light Installations

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Address and Phone Number
58 Beechwood Avenue Poughkeepsie, NY, 12603

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