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The FuzzyButts

We carry a full line of elegant and stylish pet fashions at unbelievable prices! Our products include pet apparel, unique pet sweaters, collars and leash sets at wholesale prices. Pet carriers, Pet Jewelry, Beds, etc... all our dog clothes are made with the finest, extra strong cotton and wool threads.
Address: Brooklyn, NY, 11219    
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Website: The FuzzyButts
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The FuzzyButts
At the FuzzyButts we strive to keep our customers happy! We'd Love To Hear From You: We value your opinion. And of course, we always love to hear about your pet!
About Us
I have always believed in organic foods. I was truly inspired when my first fuzzybutt German shepherd "Buster" suffered with bad allergies, he was itching so much that he had bald patches all over his body. I was treating him with the conventional medicines and creams to relieve the symptoms, but no one could tell me what was causing the allergies. So my journey began. Many sleepless nights researching, many hours speaking to vets, doctors, nutritionist, trainers and anyone else who had some knowledge. The first thing I did was to switch him to a diet consisting of all organic and natural foods. I was amazed that after just a few weeks his itching stopped completely and his coat was starting to grow back nicely. I recommended this diet to my sister who also has a dog "Cujo" with allergies that affected his ears. Three years later, he is still allergy free.
We offer:
- Pet Apparel
- The Fuzzybutts Sweater Collection - Each sweater is hand knitted with the finest wools. Very soft and warm.. Great Quality..
- Pet Jackets and Coats
- Collars and Leashes
- Pet Beds
- Pet Carries
- Pet Jewelry
If your pet's measurements fall in between two sizes, we suggest ordering the next larger size. Please buy our clothing according to your dog's measurements, not the clothing size.
To determine the proper collar size for your dog, measure around your dogs neck with a tape-measure. Find the exact measurement of your dogs neck with just enough room added as you feel is necessary for them to be comfortable. The collar that you purchase should fall into that size range.
Cat and Dog Advice
When I took my cat eddie to the vet yesterday he asked me to bring a urine sample. I thought this was simple enough, but once I got home I started to wonder how on earth I can do this. Any ideas?
This is a very common question indeed, and you certainly don't have to wait by the litter tray with a cup! Assuming your cat is well litter-trained and not too easily frightened by the out-of-the-ordinary, layer a piece of tinfoil over the litter and after your cat has urinated decant the urine into a very clean container that can be sealed (and where latex or rubber gloves while doing so).

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Address and Phone Number
6507 15th Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11219

Website: The FuzzyButts  We carry a full line of elegant and stylish pet fashions At unbelievable prices!

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